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About the ArtistHans was born in Etobicoke, Canada to immigrant parents. When he started school, his teachers recognised that he had an ability to draw very accurately. Starting by sketching objects around him, he quickly moved onto portraits. His parents acknowledged his talent, but were unable to see how it could make a decent living, and encouraged academics. So he shifted his focus from art to achieving higher grades in school.

During his early teen age, he was reunited with an older cousin who had a religious shoulder tattoo, which Hans was very fascinated by. It stirred up his imagination and a couple years later he went to a shop and got his first tattoo, and fell in love with the art form. Due to his work ethic in school, he graduated and moved to college, and although was on a path that would probably lead to a secure future, he felt a lack of purpose. This caused him to form self destructive habits which led him down a dark tunnel. His bad habits had to be broken, better ones had to be created and realising this, he decided to make a change.

He dropped out of college and moved to Punjab, India where his father was now living in a farmhouse, and began travelling the country experiencing what life had to offer. Although a change in environment was imperative, he believes his life truly began the day he found meditation. It gave him the control and clarity that was always missing. Along this spiritual journey, he continued getting inked, and due to his inclination towards art, got into sketching and preparing the designs for his tattoos himself. It was during this period, that he found his lost love for art.

While getting tattooed one day, his intuition told him to turn passion into profession and his open mind heard that. He became an apprentice and began to pursue what he has both an inherent talent and an undying passion for, the art of tattoos. He worked at a reputed studio for three years, before opening his own shop in Mississauga, Ink Avenue.

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